Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Sneak Peek

I'm in the middle of decorating for local Christmas Tours and don't want to share too much here just yet but couldn't resist sharing a little....

My hubby brought home this little cedar tree and I thought it would be perfect for this empty space in the kitchen.  I simply adorned it with some of the wood gift tags I made.

And as you can see, I'm a jar person.  I love decanting all my dry goods into pretty vintage jars.  The more the merrier.  :)

 The two vintage paintings I actually found in a dumpster.  I was so drawn to them so I snatched them up and gave them a home in my kitchen. 

I was so excited to decorate the dining room this year.

The chippy red bench was also found by my hubby and I thought it was perfect for Christmas and our home in it's less than perfect condition.  (Sorry for the sun glaring in the photo)

I love using things from nature to decorate so these walnut tree stumps definitely got to come inside for the season.  I sanded them a little and sprayed them with a clear gloss.

And here's a little peak at our stairs.  I usually never share them because I don't like the staircase.  I dream of having a beautiful stair rail but for now, we don't.  I was inspired by Carla's stair project last year so I did my own version this year with one of my dad's favorite Christmas songs.

That's it for now!  I'll share more soon!

Take care!

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