Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Den Updates

Hello!  It's been quite a while since I've posted anything about our den and there has been a lot of changes since that post so I thought I'd share them today.

This is the room we all spend the most time in, other than the kitchen, as this is where the TV is.  :) It's also always been the room that I tend to put everything that I don't love as far as furniture goes but I wanted to change that since we do spend a lot of time in here.  First thing I did was get rid of our old TV stand.  I hated it.  And when you're looking at the TV, you can't help but see the stand it's on so I wanted something pretty to look at. 

Hubby found an old fashioned dresser so I removed the top two drawers, cut the center wood brace (to allow for the DVD and cable box), painted it, distressed it and changed the hardware to come up with this.

It was a long awful winter and I really was tiring of the plain white curtains we had so I bought these lovely cheerful ones at Target.  I don't think I've ever loved a curtain so much.  :)

Hubby picked up this old vintage table at an auction.  The iron horse statue evidently goes on the top of a fence?  Another find that I love.  And I simply can't get enough vintage books lately.

I bought the same curtains for the living room, which has also had changes that I will share next week.  Our den is carpeted, which I don't like but it does make the room more cozy and our dog loves to lay in there so it's staying.  :)

The artwork on the wall above the couch I spent an entire rainy afternoon putting together and painting with old wood planks and various shades of neutral craft paints and stains after seeing a similar version online.  It's one of those pieces of art that just makes me happy looking at it.

And that's it for the den changes.  I've come to discover that I really do prefer a neutral color palette in our home with pops of color added by using fruit or fresh flowers.  I like it simple.  Oh, we also painted the walls Simply White by Benjamin Moore.  I'd like to find a rug to go in there as well, but am not sure about a rug over carpet?  What do you think?

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our New Coop

In May we are expecting 7 baby chicks and we are thrilled!  There's nothing like the taste of eggs fresh from your backyard.  I've spent the last month planning, designing and building a chicken coop for them to call home. 

I've never built something of this size before but wanted to give it a try.  I honestly designed as I went along, no plan, nothing.  Well, I kinda had a plan but it kept getting tossed cause it wasn't working.  And it was going to be painted white but then I received the Williams-Sonoma Agrarian catalog in the mail and I fell in love with cedar, which happened to be on sale at Lowes.  So there ya go...

I was trying to keep it easy and cheap.  And it's not perfect but nothing I ever build is.  It will do it's job and that's what matters.  The bricks were all found and I just did a random boring pattern because I don't have a brick cutter and didn't want to mess with it.

I'm crazy about the barn door on the end.

Can't wait to collect eggs here with my youngest.  :)

I really like red with cedar so I picked out this hibiscus plant to make it pop.

My hubby, who is still recovering from heart problems, bought me this beautiful peach tree and watching it come alive with blooms makes me smile.

I still have to add sand underneath the coop and finish up a couple of details and then it's ready for the chicks.

That's it for now!

Any of you raise chickens?   Any advice or suggestions? 

What have you been up to??