Sunday, October 28, 2012

Older Boy Room Ideas

Our oldest son recently turned 20 and I really wanted to give his room an upgrade from boy to college age adult.  His room design hasn't been touched in 6 or more years so it was definitely time.  So, for many months, I've been planning and picking up items here and there and redoing them to put in his room. 

I finally had everything I needed, with the exception of a desk, which I'm still looking for, so we through out pretty much everything in there except the bed and then painted the walls Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore.  They were originally a very dark navy blue and it felt like a cave in there so making it lighter was the first thing on our list.

I'm going to be showing his room in stages as the other side isn't ready until I find that desk.  So, here's the side that is ready.....

While planning the room design, I needed to find a dresser, bedside table, book shelf and desk.  The dresser we found at a storage auction for around $10 and I blogged about that here.  The book shelf we actually found by the side of the road during clean up week but it wasn't for free, we paid $15 for it but I thought it was definitely worth that. 

It is a very solid bookcase, however, I'm not a fan of dark wood bookcases.  They are too, well, dark.  And I didn't want to paint it, so, I upgraded it by ripping off the back and using scrap wood that I painted black to make an X design in the back to give it a more open feel.

I LOVE the way it turned out.  Then I filled it with a few linen storage baskets and some of his favorite things.  Next up was the bedside table.  My hubby found this old rusty metal base last summer and it's been sitting in our storage building.  I worked on yet another piece of bowling alley flooring and put together this table for him. 

I was thrilled because this was our last slab of flooring and the size ended up working perfectly. 

I wanted to give him a more comfortable bed so I made a new upholstered padded headboard, blogged about here, and purchased all new bedding that was on sale at West Elm.  I also purchased new sheets there, as well.  The vintage wool US Navy blanket was found at an auction. 

Our son works part time and goes to college so I really wanted to make his room comfortable and relaxing for him.  I also wanted to design it to reflect a college age adult.  Finding design inspiration for that age group is difficult because most boys rooms inspiration pics found online are for younger boys and are theme rooms, which I'm not a fan of.  But I'm very very happy with how it turned out and more importantly, so is he.  :)

He didn't want curtains or wood shades so I left the windows with what he initially wanted which were these white wood blinds.  I might sneak some curtains in later.... ;-)

I've still got to find that perfect desk and finish up a couple more things for the wall for him and then I will blog about the other side of his room. 

What do you think?  Do you also find it hard to find inspiration for decorating older boys rooms?

Have a great day!


  1. Very sophisticated and adult! My favorite piece is the vintage wool it!

  2. You don't look old enough to have a 20-year-old son. ;)

  3. Love the light airy feeling! Recently in my favorite antique mall I saw an old bookcase where they had removed the back and replaced it with antique, beadboard, painted in a light distressed finish, different from the darker bookcase. I loved it and so am now looking for the antique beadboard! Love the maple flooring table top nightstand too! Where did you find the wood? My friend is going to take down the wall between her dining room and kitchen. The kitchen has a tile floor which she likes, but the dining room is floored in a refinished reclaimed maple gym floor she had put in over ten years ago. She is looking for some reclaimed maple flooring to make the transition where they take the wall out.

    1. Hi! We bought the wood at a yard sale, two huge slabs of it from some folks who used to have an antique store. :)

  4. Really love the room. I just found a book shelf like yours. I love the X idea. And the headboard looks amazing with the bedding. The BIG question is....will he make the bed? LOL.

  5. It looks great! I LOVE the bookcase... what a great idea.

  6. I love it! Very light and airy and masculine.

  7. Love all of it especially the blanket and the bowling alley wood table! Great job....

  8. Love all of it especially the blanket and the bowling alley wood table! Great job....

  9. Utterly adult, soothing, sophisticated and gloriously gorgeous... How clever, and no wonder he approved of it... what a room to lie in, sleep or read or do homework in... a cool,very cool room to bring friends home to... in fact I would say=Result!!! as one of my sons would say!! I loved all the home made bits that not only were personal, but turned the items into timeless, and undateable.. really really clever.. take a big , no make that huge, pat on the back from me, Janzi!!

  10. I wouldn't have thought of the bookcase redo. But it made all the difference! I will have to remember that. The room looks great.

  11. LOVING this. That bookshelf is great... and what an improvement the X-back makes!

  12. I adore this in every way!! My daughter is 22 and I'm in the process of re-doing her room for her visits home. I want it to be more adult yet not frumpy! Wonderful, wonderful job, one of your newest followers, take care

  13. Love the room! I have that same US NAVY blanket too, got it this summer at a flea market.
    Have a great week :)

  14. That looks great and I'm so happy to see a post about a son that age. I have a son who is 20 also. We just moved into our house this past summer so we kind of started new on his room. He has enjoyed the process. He actually found a mirror that he liked and made it into a table. Very creative and all his own!

  15. I really like how clean and simple this room is. It's masculine without screaming testosterone. Your house is such an awesome inspiration! :D

  16. I love this room. Perfect for a young adult. I don't know the ages of your other kids, but if you still have young ones, how on earth do you keep their stuff hidden? I have littles and they would see your gorgeous white surfaces as empty white canvas to create art on.. and they would ruin the "look" with all their toys in bright primary colors. :-( Is this just a struggle I'm going to have to deal with for this season or do you have tricks to share?

    Love your home!

  17. A perfect room for a young man. Love the vintage touches and the bed looks super comfy-perfect for guys who love their sleep.

  18. Lovely house you have there. Whenever I see a piece of vintage, it instantly makes my surrounding a cozy one. I wonder what a vintage house could bring. I saw the a photo of the entire house from your other post. Everything looks so balanced from the outside, maybe because of its nice windows and door. We look forward to some more great finds on your blog.

    John Barringer @Beach Windows


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