Monday, August 27, 2012

Table Redo with Reclaimed Bowling Alley Flooring

Hey there!  
Hope you had a lovely weekend!

As we get ready for the October Grand Opening of our shop, 
we are working hard to find just the right things to fill the inside.  
Finding the right piece to put in the huge window display 
has been really important to us.  
Hubby was driving home last week and came 
across a table in an alley that looked as if it was being thrown out.  
He called the owner of the property it was on and 
asked if he could have it and they said sure, so he packed it up and brought it home.  
It was in pretty sad shape but it wasn't the top we were interested was the legs.  
Take a look......

We loved the industrial pipes and huge castors so we removed those from the
 plywood top and gave them a good wash.  
I happened to remember that we still had one huge slab of reclaimed bowling alley flooring from last summer that was sitting in our storage facility.  
So we loaded it up and brought it home to work on it.

We measured out where we wanted to attach the legs and drilled holes to accommodate them.  Because the slab is so massive, we needed to build the table first 
before starting work on the table top.

The flooring was covered in that thick yellow lacquer, so I bought a can of paint stripper and got to work, using gloves of course.

Here's a look at it half way through the stripping process.  Isn't the wood underneath lovely?
After stripping everything off, I gave it a good sanding with 180 grit sandpaper and my palm sander.  Then coated the whole thing with Minwax Finishing Wax in Natural.   I happen to like finishing wax much better than polyurethane because it leaves a more natural look on the wood instead of looking like you coated it with polyurethane.  Then I gave the pipe legs and castors a light coating of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  Here's how it looks now.....

We are pretty happy with it!
We can't wait to get it into the display window with some pretty cool things on the top of it.

And I'm crazy about those castors!

 We love the vintage industrial look!
Hubby went to a big estate sale this weekend and he came home with some amazing finds
for our shop that I can't wait to share!

I've had lots of folks emailing me asking where our shop is going to be located and 
I will share all that info as we get closer to the big day.
We hope to have a spectacular grand opening 
complete with a piece of furniture to be given 
away in a drawing, so, we do hope you think about making the trip.
I'd love to meet some of our readers!

Have a great day!
Diana :)


  1. Looks awesome! I too love the legs, its a beauty! Im so excited to see the items your going to be displaying. Great job on the table!

  2. Wow, Diana. You both do some magic! Your Husband by finding that precious gems and You turning them sparkling beautiful...

  3. Wow, I just fell in LOVE with that table! I wish your shop was closer to St. Louis... although I just might have to make a road trip!

  4. Diana,
    What a cool table!!! Best wishes to your new shop.I know you will have much success.You are both so talented and have amazing ideas!Not sure if you are in my area or not.If you are I will be there!


  5. I am positively drooling over that table!! I would have grabbed it out of the alley as well, it's just amazing and your re-do is spectacular! The casters are amazing and they have stamped numbers, so cooool!! I also scored some great stuff at a sale this weekend - old tool cabinet/huge letter stamp set (your post on your letter stamps got me looking for them, yayyy!) You must be over the moon excited for your shop opening, can't wait for updates!! You are a huge inspiration to me; I am currently working every free minute in our old barn to get it ready for either an online etsy shop or occasional public sale. love all the same stuff as you and am also lucky to have a willing handy husband!!!!

  6. You and your husband have such a unique style! I imagine you're so excited for the grand opening of the store--best of luck!

    Something Ivory

  7. That is one fabulous table! I know your shop will be wonderful.

    Your talent, along with your husband, is just amazing and I LOVE your style.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! And what a great reuse of materials!

  9. Love it, and I wish your shop was in Aus! lol

  10. The table is fantastic! Your shop is going to be just wonderful.

  11. Amazing.amazing.amazing. I wish I lived close enough to celebrate your shop opening. I am so excited for you! :)
    Love to you!

  12. Nice job! Wish you had your shop in Norway!
    Btw - tip; I used to have a large wooden boat. I stripped lacquer by using a ..omg, english is not my secondary language.. heat blower thingie, looks like a hair dryer, and a scrape.
    Best wishes for your wonderful shop!

  13. Just discovered your blog, but truly impressed by all your creativity and dedication to making new from old. I love this industrial looking table, and am with you on the castors...definitely the selling point! It will be a perfect display table for your shop!

  14. First of all.. I love that we have the same name. Second of all, I love your work and want to drive to your store.. someday! Thanks!

  15. I love reading your post and I was fascinated by some transformation that you have done with your furniture's. I wish that someday I could have make that one with my own house. Anyway, thank you for sharing and hope that someday you post something about floating floors.

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