Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mailbox Ideas

I love a good spray paint project.  It is the cheapest way to give something a new look, so, when Krylon contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in trying some of their new spray paint, I was thrilled at the opportunity.  I chose their new Rust Protector quick drying spray paint in Copper Metallic and Aged Brass Metallic and I loved it.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect as I had picked up one of these copper post caps at Lowe's on clearance not too long ago and thought it would be perfect for something, 
I just wasn't sure what yet.

Then inspiration hit.  Our cheap basic mailbox has been looking pretty sad for the last few years so why not give it a facelift.  The spray paint I chose was perfect as it is a rust protector and of course, a mailbox is exposed to all kinds of weather so that's what it needed.  I was also pretty happy that I selected copper and aged brass for my choice of colors.  The mailbox would also tie in nicely with my copper porch curtain rods.

Here's a before shot of the sad looking mailbox.

Pretty dull, huh?  You might be wondering why anyone would care about sprucing up something as simple and basic as a mailbox and the answer is, I would.  I'm just that kinda gal.  I like to think that simple mundane objects, like mailboxes, as part of a home, 
deserve to look good, too.  
So here's what I did......

As usual, I wanted this project to be as cheap as possible, so we went hunting for some rustic wood, as in, beside the road, free.  No problem.  
We found a 4 x 4 and a 2 x 4, both dirty and old, just like I wanted.

First I prepared the wood by hosing it off, letting it dry and then sanding it with 180 grit sandpaper.  I wasn't going for perfection here, after all, it was going to be outside.  Next, I brushed on some special walnut stain and set them aside to dry.

Next up, the mailbox.  After cleaning and removing the old number stickers, I spray painted the flag first with the aged brass metallic.

While that dried, I grabbed a package of these.

They are foam letter and number stickers available in any craft store.  I wanted to personalize our mailbox and also create an embossed metal look.  I added our name to one side and our address to the other side.  Then I taped off the already painted flag and spray painted the mailbox with the copper metallic paint.  I gave it a good 4 or 5 coats.  
It is a fast drying spray paint and it certainly lives up to that.  
It was almost dry before I got around to the other side of the box.  

Mailbox done.  
The next part, building the post, was a bit difficult and I didn't take photos.  It took two pairs of hands, which required hubby's help and stopping for photos isn't his thing.  :)  

After the entire thing was complete, I added the copper end cap to the top of the 4 x 4 post with a little glue and here's how it looks now.

We are pretty happy with how it turned out.  And we finished just in time as about 10 minutes after this photo, a huge storm hit.  But the spray paint held up great!

I can't wait to add some mums and pumpkins to the base 
of it for a little Autumn decoration.  :)

Here's a closeup of the foam stickers.  

The adhesive on the back is pretty strong so I'm confident they aren't going anywhere.

This was a pretty fun way to spruce up a cheapo mailbox and I loved how fast the paint dried! 
 Thanks Krylon!

I am certainly no expert, but here are a few spray painting tips that have helped make spray painting easier for me.

* Always keep your spray paint back about a foot from whatever your painting.  
If you're too close, your paint will go on too thick.

* If you're spraying, your arm should be moving.  If it isn't, 
this will also cause too much paint in a single area which causes the paint to run.

* It's always better to do several light coats instead of one heavy coat in an 
attempt to hurry and get it done.  I learned my lesson on that one over and over.

* If you have to stop to make dinner or do a load of laundry like me, wipe the excess paint off the spray valve.  That way it won't get a weird clog and spray out the side, 
painting your face when you resume working on your project. :)

If any of you have any other helpful tips, please feel free to leave them in the comment section and I can add them to this post.  :)

Have a great day!


  1. I love this Diana! Our mailbox and post are looking pretty sad too so this gives me inspiration to spruce up mine too. I won't be doing it today though as Hurricane Issac is heading our way!

  2. What a great tip. Your mailbox looks fantastic.!! Thanks

  3. This looks so beautiful!! You're so talented.

    Something Ivory

  4. Your mailbox turned out beautifully. I just used spray paint for the first time myself this week, your tips would have been useful. lol

  5. I just spruced up my mailbox so I guess I am that kinda girl too lol. Love the new look. I can second the tip of many light coats when spraying, I learnt the hard way!

  6. I love this! It's hard to believe that you completely transformed a sad looking mailbox to something so custom looking. And it so perfectly represents your home and style. Another awesome transformation!

  7. I love copper so this mailbox speaks volumes to me! Love the copper cap you put on the post. Such a great touch! Just like a lady adding a necklace to top off her outfit.

  8. Ha. I just did a post about updating my house and our mailbox is the first on the list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. That turned out so great! It adds curb appeal and a welcoming touch to your home!

  10. One quick question...I picked up a can of the Copper Metallic spray paint today but it wasn't the rust protector...also the top of the can is very shiny...do you think it is the same as yours, just not rust protected? My mailbox is plastic instead of metal so it might not matter but i'm mostly concerned about how bright the top of the can indicates how shiny it is.


    1. If the color is metallic copper, I'm sure it's the same. My lid was shiny but the paint wasn't as shiny as the lid. If you don't want it shiny, Krylon also makes a matte clear spray paint that is specifically for reducing shine. Hope that helps! :)

  11. Your mail box looks great- it looks brand new! I love spray paint! xo Diana

  12. I DID IT!!!!! I love how it turned out. My post was fine just not the color I wanted so I painted it black. I have to say, I have the best mailbox on the block and it only cost a few dollars. Thank you for a wonderful idea. Now....lets see if my husband will notice, or how long it will take.

  13. I found another metallic copper spray paint at Lowes today that I liked better than the one I got at Hobby Lobby so I've been spraying away! The telephone guy who was working in the neighborhood even stopped to admire it! You might have started a mailbox revolution single-handledly!!

    Now just got to paint and/or stain the post...thankfully we didn't get anything out of Issac except cloudy weather, so I was able to get 'er done today.

    1. Glad you found something you liked better, Judy! And also glad you didn't get any nasty weather. Have a great week!

  14. I'm baaack! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I mentioned your mailbox re-do on my post this evening. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Looks great....we did the same thing to ours in the spring, and it's amazing the difference it makes! :)

  16. It looks great! Of course, I love the wood posts and the copper compliments the stain wo well. Great job ~ as usual!


  17. I have a question. Did you wrap your existing mailbox pole, or build a whole new pole? Anymore photos from that step? Alyson

  18. Hi Diana, I have a different question for you. Did you use the wood to wrap the existing pole or build a whole new pole? Got anymore photos to explain that part? Recently hit my mailbox and it is hanging on by a thread. so want some pointers before I redo it. Thanks, Alyson


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