Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Stairway Project Revisited

Remember this project?

I decided to remove the nasty carpet from our stairs one day on a whim and then let it sit unfinished for a good month or so because I became so busy at work.  Then, because it was driving everyone crazy, I set out to get it done, mainly for the purpose of just getting it done.  

I didn't love it, but it was done and I could cross it off the To Do list.

But it was always still there.
Staring at me.
Waiting to be transformed into something I DID love.


Fast forward to a few weeks ago.
 As you know, we live in a 100 year old home.  
 They settle.
When there is a year long drought,
they settle even more.

(Okay, it wasn't really that long of a drought but it sure has felt like it.)

One day while walking down the stairs, I noticed a bulge that seemed to be cracking,
so, of course, I started messing with it, thinking I could fix it,
until it turned into this.

 Not good.

Or was it??

I called a friend who is knowledgeable about things like this to come check everything out
and he said there was nothing to worry about structurally.
We just need to wait to fix it until the weather changes, 
in case the plaster continues to shrink and crack.

Well, the weather changed and the crack/hole hasn't gotten any worse, so it's time to fix it.

Since the wall is having to get a face lift, I thought the stairs should have one too.
After all, I just wasn't thrilled with the way I had left them before.

And the white paint on the risers was a really bad idea because of
my 6 foot tall older boys with big feet going up and down the stairs a lot.
That turns into a lot of scuff marks.

So this little wall problem was just the push I needed to transform the stairs
into something we did love.

Although I don't think it is in the cards for our home to have a beautiful grand staircase, like I originally wanted, there's no reason why it still can't look amazing and fit in with the rest of the house and the room that the stairs are currently in.

So, for Part 1 of this project, here's what I came up with for just the stairs.

Chalkboard paint, chalk and handmade stencils I printed from the computer are all it took
for me to do this project.  All of which I already had, so, it didn't cost a thing.

I didn't really want to paint the numbers on with paint as I really like the faded chalk look.

I completely LOVE IT and better yet, hubby and kiddos thought it was so cool.

This just works out so much better.
And we are all finally happy with it!

Next up we will be working on the wall around the staircase
and I'm looking forward to blogging about that soon!

Have a great day!



  1. Very Cool. It's a good way to help kids learn to count, well unless you only have one stair.

  2. Such a creative solution! Do you think you'll have to re-do the numbers often?

    Something Ivory

  3. Such a creative idea and it looks really great! Well done!

  4. Awesome. You could do them backwards too so you can count down as you go up the stairs and then change your "amore" sign to "blast off".

  5. That is such a great idea! So creative:) Will you have to re-do the chalk often?!


    1. Hi Cindy, so far it's held up great! Because I put the numbers in the center, I think it will be fine. My kids don't walk up the exact middle of the stairs and all the scuff marks from their shoes were off to the side so I'm pretty certain the numbers will be just fine! :)

  6. What a great idea...I love the chalkboard paint idea. Brilliant!! I hope you have a lovely day...love to you!

    1. Thank you sweet friend! Enjoy your day as well!

  7. AHHH I love it! You did an awesome job Diana, I shouldnt expect less :)

  8. I love it... it does fit in with your house so well! I am in the process of painting our staircase in our 80 year old home... you have given me a little motivation to get back to painting today... although ours will not look near as cute. I have a carpet runner because of our little ones. :-)

  9. I love it and I think it ties in beautifully with your lovely home:)

  10. Looks gorgeous! I think it's a true fit for your house and I'm sure it's easier to care for. Houses shift a LOT in this area...folks have to water their foundations all summer and sometimes that doesn't prevent a shift. Good luck with the wall repair!


  11. I am doing ALL KINDS OF DROOLING over here! Our house is 90 years old, so I know what you mean about the settling....and the weather! This soooo speaks to me, but we"ll have to wait until we have a more proficient walker in my little one :). For now, they are carpeted.....bleck.

  12. That looks amazing- You did a great job and it is whimsical and classy at the same time- LOVE it! xo Diana

  13. Your post today really struck a chord with me, because we've been fighting the very same battles. The plaster repair is the worst, but we've finally got a few rooms done. Your stairway transformation is a fun way to update your space for a young family and I love everything you've done to make the house your own!

    Our stairway- very similar:


  14. we have similar stairs, and yes, the white is just a pain! I might have to do this, since I absolutely love chalk paint! ...and our children always count numbers while they go up and down the stairs! lovely!

  15. Love it! I know what you mean about the scuffs and all. I'm sure your kids think it's cool.

  16. This is such a great project...so much character!

  17. Such a cool idea! Don't you just love chalkboard paint :)

  18. Diana, you are one super creative lady! I love the way your staircase turned out. Gorgeous and practical!

  19. Diana, You have the most beautiful home!! I just LOVE it. You have alot of great ideas and super cute kitchen. May you be Blessed, Annabell :)

  20. I just found your blog and the timing is great. At 51 years old I believe I have finally defined my style... "organic". I mess around with the decor of my house as a form of relaxation, and the internet is such a valuable resource for great inspiration. Your home and blog are beautiful, and very inspirational. I would LOVE to visit your new store, but I don't leave my own state very often. Who knows though?

  21. Absolutely love it, Diana! Just beautiful!

  22. So what do you do to your wood to get the dark uneven look? I read in one of your posts that you just poly'd it, but do you stain it as well?


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