Thursday, August 9, 2012

15 Things

Hello!  Not too long ago, I was asked to share 15 random things about myself.  To be honest, I wasn't convinced anyone would be interested in knowing 15 random things about me.  But I do really enjoy reading little personal tidbits about other bloggers so I thought, why not!  Here goes......

1.  I love dessert.  As in cupcakes.  As in frosting.  I will buy a half dozen cupcakes and have them gone by the next day.   I often consider giving up sugar, but who am I kidding.

2.  One of my most embarrassing married moments was my husband finding a 9 months pregnant me sitting in front of an open freezer at midnight using a giant serving spoon to shovel ice cream into my mouth.  In my defense, it was June and the weather was hot. :)

3.  My husband delivered two of our children.  The experience is something I will cherish forever.

4.  Another one of my most embarrassing moments (I have lots of them) was in college.  While marching in the University band at a televised college football game, my uniform pants got caught on the sideline fence while taking the field for the pre-game show, completely ripping from the waist down.  Having a drill sergeant type scary band director, I opted to just keep going instead of run off the field breaking formation and facing his wrath, and do my best to ignore the fact that my behind was exposed to a million people while my pant leg flapped in the breeze.  If that wasn't exciting enough, my replacement pants they gave me afterward were 6 sizes too big and dropped to my ankles during the half time show while I tried to balance holding them up with one hand and a piccolo with the other.  Did I mention it was televised?  In front of a million people?

5.  I am loving this stuff right now.  It smells like chocolate cupcakes and possibly explains number 1 above.
6.  I have been blessed with very compassionate boys.  I am so proud of their hearts.

7.  Starting a blog terrified me because I was afraid of putting myself out there and I wasn't sure I had anything to offer the blog world.

8.  I love this girl.  She has been such an inspiration to me!

9.  Because we are such a busy family with crazy schedules and older children in sports, we hardly ever eat at the dinner table as a family.  Something I would love to change.  But carving out a time when we are all home together is difficult.

10.  My most favorite thing to do in the world is spend time with my husband and kids.  Even if it's just watching TV.

11.   I 100% believe that you should go for your dreams, whatever they may be.

12.  I love watching cartoons with my youngest.  Franklin anyone?

13.  I love the people I have e-met since blogging and consider it one of the biggest blessings of being a blogger.

14.  Another one of my favorite things to do, that I do without fail every night, is watch The Golden Girls after hubby falls asleep.

15.  One of my favorite memories with my step daughter is watching Brian Regan's comedy act about the styrofoam ball solar system science fair project and laughing forever.  "The big yellow one's the sun!" 

So, that's it.  A little bit of me.  Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I just started reading your blog and I love it!!

    I think we'd get along. I am totally obsessed with dessert and could probably match you on sugar consumption, gram for gram!

    And I've never met anyone who "gets" the Golden Girls or is as totally in love with them as I am, but seeing as you and I have that habit and TV show in common, I bet you love them too! I pride myself on Golden Girls knowledge :)

    Do you watch Phineas and Pherb? That one's my personal favorite though my 2 kids prefer Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

    Thanks for sharing, it's fun getting to know you better!

    1. Thank you, Marian! I wish the Golden Girls were my grandmas. :). Love them!

  2. I think i could quote every word to every episode to the Golden Girls. Best show ever!

  3. I didn't realize you had stepchildren...are you the biological mother to 4 boys but just have one stepdaughter?

  4. Oh- One day when I have more time I will tell you about some VERY embarrassing moments I have had over the years....ummmm...maybe it's because of the name? lol Loved these facts about you- and I, too, watch the Golden Girls after MyHero is asleep. Isn't it sad to think the only one alive is Betty White? Blessings to you today- xo Diana

  5. I truly appreciate the content of your blog.. Keep going.

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  6. You have to hear comedian Jim Gaffigan's piece on cake

    1. Truly!!! The cake piece is one of his best. My younger son and I saw him live about a year ago and it was so much fun. :D

  7. I loved reading these little tidbits about your life! Love the chocolate obsession....ditto over here! Now that you have made those fabulous shelves, I need you to take a little trip to the southcoast of Massachusetts to make me (ok...HELP make me) a barn board dining table. Please!!!!! ;)

  8. Oh, and The Golden Girls....we used to yell for my mom: "Your girls are on". She just loved them.

  9. oohhh.. I think I'm going to do this on my blog.. maybe you'll see 15 about me ;)

  10. Your comment about Brian Regan made me smile. My entire family and I can pretty much recite one of his entire cd's. We reference it all the time. :)
    You have a lovely home and a lovely blog.


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