Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kitchen Floors

A few weeks ago I noticed this in our kitchen/laundry entry way.

A crack across two or more of the ceramic tiles.  Not cool.  A closer look....

First let me say that I've never liked the tiles.  They would have been easier to deal with if they had not been grouted with white grout.  Not our decision.  White grout on a kitchen floor??  It is the bane of my existance.  But, I'm not that irritated about the cracks in the floor because now I can get creative about a replacement.  Here's some inspiration pics for what I've got up my sleeve.

Love the herringbone design but I would really like to do something that would be consistent with the rest of the house.

I seem to be drawn to this design.

Reclaimed wood is definitely the way I'm going to go, mainly because of the cost, which will hopefully be close to free.  :)

I can't wait to get started!  Stay tuned.....


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dining Room Table Tutorial

Hey there!  I've received a number of emails lately asking how I built my dining room table or how I attached the top to the dining room table I already had.  So I decided to do a tutorial for all those who asked.  I didn't take any pictures when I did it so I took pictures of the under side of the table, which many of you have asked for, and will do my best to explain each step.

As I mentioned in that post, I used pine 2 x 8's.  After I distressed the boards, process discussed here, I laid them together evenly and attached wood brackets to keep them all together.

As mentioned, I already had a dining room table, I just didn't like the top, so I removed it and was left with the base.  Now, the previous table was also built by me using the table legs that my dad turned himself before he died.  I created the apron (sides) with pine 1 x 5's and attached them to the legs with "L" brackets, as pointed out with arrows.  To make them a little more stable, I also drilled long screws at an angle into the legs from the apron.  As you can see, it is really important to PRE-DRILL your holes as my wood split.

After the base was complete, I placed it over the under side of the top.  To secure it to the top, I cut scrap pieces of oak, which is a little stronger, cut them at 45 degree angles and placed them flush against the apron.

I attached it with screws to the table top. 

Next, I pre-drilled holes into the end of the brace into the apron, where the arrow is pointing.  Then drilled screws into the holes on both ends.  Makes sure your screws are short enough to not go through to the other side of the apron, but long enough to go through the brace and into the apron.  I think the screws I used were 1 1/2 inches.  To also add stability, I drilled holes and inserted screws from the legs, at an angle into the table top, shown with the bottom arrow in the photo below.

Repeat for each side and that's it.  I painted the legs and apron white, which worked out great because if you have any gaps between the table and apron, you can fill them in with caulk.  It covers a multitude of sins.  :)

Flip it over carefully and you are done.  I know there is probably a better way to do this but this is what worked for me, some of it I learned from my dad with another table that he built.  He had the right wood joinery tools to do this, I don't, so this is the process that I use.

I hope this is helpful to all those asking me how I did it.  It really isn't hard, just a little time consuming and really the only tools you need are a miter saw and cordless drill.

Have a Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Window Frame Reveal

I finally figured out what I wanted to do with one of the big window frames we came across and finished it up yesterday.  Let me tell ya, this sucker is heavy.  Because of that, the only way we could figure out to hang it was from the ceiling joists.  So, that's what we did.  And it was quite a job getting those screwed in and getting that window up there.  We used 2 large screw hooks for the joists, 2 large screw eyes for the window, 
and connected the two with galvanized chain.
We couldn't be happier with the results.

I decided to take down the ledge I built and use it in another room.  It had been there almost since we moved in and I was ready for a change in this little entry area.  This was really the most logical place for the window.  A lot of you suggested using it for a room divider, which I would have loved to do, however, our home is made up of lots of smallish rooms (except the dining room), not an open floor plan, so, there wasn't a room that needed to be divided.

I put together the little shelf in the corner for about 8 bucks using a piece of barn wood and "L" brackets from Lowe's.  I like using "L" brackets for shelves much better than using the brackets that are actually made for shelving.  I like the industrial look of these and they are less expensive.  These are 5 1/2 inches and cost 4 bucks each.  You can find these, as well as other sizes, in the hardware section of Lowe's or any home improvement store.

 I found the pillow fabric here.  
I really like the combination of the modern fabric pillows with the rustic bench 

Looking at this window makes me happy because it reminds me 
of the fun bike rides we take every evening.

Now I have to figure out what to do with the others window frames or just 
put them in our upcoming shop.
We have video and photos of that coming soon!
Have a great day!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Window Frame Ideas

Every evening my hubby, our youngest and I go for a bike ride.  It's one of our favorite things to do just before sunset.  On our ride we always pass a house that had these wonderful HUGE old wood windows leaned up against their back garage, not being used for years.  To me, they were lovely and I couldn't believe they had been so easily discarded.  I finally persuaded hubby to go ask the owners about them.  Turns out, they didn't want them any longer so we happily took them off their hands.  Just goes to show, it certainly pays to ask, right?  
Here's one of them before I did anything to it.

There were 4 windows total, each of them 6 feet tall, two of them 4 feet wide and two of them 2 feet wide.  Several of the panes were broken out of a couple of them, but after looking at the windows more closely, I figure they can be easily replaced.  And hopefully, inexpensively.

I'm hoping to do something unique with one of the larger windows and 
so I spent the weekend prepping it.

I happen to be in love with black window frames.  I'm usually not one to incorporate lots of the color black into my decor but there is something about black window frames that I find stunning.  
Here are a couple of inspiration pics I found while hunting for some inspiration.

I especially like them in mostly white rooms.

And I really love them with warm wood accents.

They really make quite an architectural statement.

Of course, our house looks nothing like any of these and we aren't changing our windows if that's what you're thinking.  I don't think we're up for that kind of project.  ;)

But I love looking for inspiration this way.  Most of the ideas I came across for using window frames were a chalkboard, frame for photos, room dividers, mirrors, etc.  I'm still not 100% sure what I'm doing with this big ol' thing but I love it so much I just have to use it, right?  And it is a "souvenir" of sorts to remind me of the relaxing bike rides we take each evening after dinner that have become so special to me.

I gave it a good cleaning and then scraped all the old paint off and painted it a color called Charcoal Sketch from Better Homes and Gardens.  Here's how it looks now.

As you can see, it is huge.  But that's what I love about it.  I've never been all that into old window frames but this one is a treasure because of the size.  And that's why I really want to do something special with it.  I just have to figure out what that is!  :)

Stay tuned.....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life and the best dad in the world to our kiddos.  
You are our strength....we love you!

Wishing my dad was here to celebrate this day, too....

Happy Fathers Day to all you great dads out there!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garage Sale Table Redo

While out and about a couple of weeks ago doing our garage sale thing, we found this sofa table-coffee table-not sure what kind of table, for only 5 bucks.  Well, we sure couldn't pass that up and turns out it was perfect timing.  

I've been gathering pieces here and there to start redoing our oldest son's room.  My first born is 19 soon to be 20, going to college and working and I thought it was about time to give him a more adult room.  His room is the last on our bedroom design agenda, so, I'm pretty excited about getting started on it.  It has looked the exact same for the last 6 years and I know he is ready for a change.  

One of the things I needed to find for him was a bedside table and so I thought, why not turn this table into one.  The top of the table is just awful.  Paint, oil, gunk, and a thick lacquer type top coat.  Here's a couple of shots of the table when we brought it home.
It's very retro and cool.  And here is a close up of the nasty top.
When I first saw it, I said to myself, "self, you are going to have to sand that thing for 97 hours to remove all that gunk on top of it."  But then, I looked underneath........
 Underneath the wood was absolutely beautiful and in its raw natural state.  Why someone would want to cover this up with all that other stuff is beyond me.  What I decided to do was remove the legs and flip the top.  Perfect!!  And no sanding!  
The legs were dirty and rusty but with a little work and some sandpaper,
I brought them back to their original retro condition.  Next, I cut a 20 inch long piece from the center of the original tabletop to be the top of the new bedside table.
After reattaching the legs to the opposite side of the newly cut piece, 
I got to work on the top.

What I really liked about this table was that it was solid wood.  To be more specific, it was walnut with narrow oak pieces joining them where I've shown with arrows.  I loved that, so, what I wanted to do was highlight the two tone effect of the wood.  First, I sanded the top just to smooth it out.  

As luck would have it, the strips of oak were the exact same width as my masking tape, so next, I taped off the strips the arrows are pointing to so I could apply raw dark tung oil to the wider walnut pieces in between.  The oak pieces I wanted to leave as is.  The purpose of doing this was to make the walnut stand out a little more to emphasize the two different types of wood.  I got so excited at this point, I forgot to take photos of those last couple of steps.

I applied the raw dark tung oil very carefully with a rag and then removed the tape immediately. I've done this with paint many times but never with oil, so, I wasn't sure if it would bleed or seep through the tape or not.  It didn't and I was thrilled with the look!  After I let that dry, I coated the entire top with finishing paste wax in natural.  And ta-da!!
The table got it's own little photo shoot outside.  Next time, I will remember to wipe the crumbs from the cookie I was eating while taking photos, off the table.  I'm not ready to put this into my son's room yet cause I haven't started painting.  But I did want to go ahead and share it with you.  You'll see it again when I blog about the room redo.
Isn't it cool and retro and perfect?!  Here is a closeup of the top.

I absolutely love the two tone effect!  Here is one more before and after....
This was So. Much. Fun!!  And this totally has me inspired to get busy on the rest of his room!

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vintage Ammo Boxes

Hey there all!  I wanted to share with you some photos of a vintage ammo box that hubby found the other day in a storage building he won in a silent auction.   I really liked the stencil on the box, as well as, the wood and the rope handles.  It had a somewhat beachy look to it so I put it in our living room on our white desk turned console table that I built.
The inside said something about cannons so I'm assuming it contained cannon balls at one time.  I really like the shape of the box and it doubles for storage, too.  
It would be perfect for TV remotes, if we had a TV in there.  :)
Plus, I'm loving the wood accents with the white colors I have in the room.  
 Aren't the rope handles pretty cool?
This is another similar box we have that belonged to my dad.  
I love the pale blue color, the chipped paint and the dovetail corners.  I also think it's pretty cool that it has my birth month and day on it, May 20.  I was not born in 1940 though. :)
I also like the metal hardware.  My hubby uses this box to store his smaller found treasures 
which I think is perfect for such a special box.

Have any of you come across these kinds of boxes?  What do you use them for?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our New Shop!

Hey there!  I know a lot of you have been wondering what's up with our shop, as I've received tons of emails asking what the heck was going on.  To be honest, we didn't know either.  We became unhappy with the little white house we were planning to use to open our new shop.  There wasn't enough space and because the layout wasn't right inside at all, it was just going to require too much work.  Those things just kinda derailed our motivation and we almost gave up. 

Well, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  While we were stalling, trying to figure out what to do or even if we should just give up, an AMAZING old building on our historical main street became available.  It's right smack in the middle of our quaint little town, along with some other wonderful shops and has fantastic architectural features.  It is truly gorgeous.  There is so much history behind these buildings.  Best thing is that it is move in ready, 
except for a coat of paint and some cleaning.
We have a couple of months to get it ready and we can't wait!!

Our new shop will be called Vintage Accents.  It will have a mix of everything vintage, plenty of architectural salvage and all those wonderful things my hubby finds on his picking trips and storage auctions, plus lots more.  We're working on a little video to give you a better idea of what it is and the wonderful location, so, stay tuned for that!  I can't wait to show you all and I really hope that when we get it open, you will come see us!

This is really a dream come true for both of us so it's also a little scary terrifying because you just never know how these things will turn out but we sure are going to give it our all and have fun while we're doing it.   

Watch for the video coming soon!