Monday, August 22, 2011

Console Table Handcrafted By Dad, A Craft Project & Bread Boards

Hi there!  How was your weekend?  I finished up working on a table that my dad made for me before he passed away.  I painted it white and put it in my dining room.  After he finished building it, he had a little gold tab engraved and attached it underneath the top.  It says, "Handcrafted by Dad".  :)  Here's a look.......
 I'm so happy with it!  
I wanted to put something fun and different on it and since I've seen lots of projects lately involving spray painting glass jars, I decided to do a version for myself.

I had an old set of glass milk bottles that were just hiding away in a cabinet.  They were beautiful but the glass was so old that they were pretty scuffed and etched so I thought they would be the perfects candidates for painting.

I bought some foam stickers from a craft store and stuck those on the bottles.  I used numbers with special meaning, sentimental letters and did one that said milk, just for fun.   I primed them first with Valspar white primer before recoating with Valspar white spray paint and a clear glossy sealer.  The other color is also by Valspar and is called soft grey.  Here's what they looked like when I was finished.
I LOVE the way the spray paint made the letters on the milk bottles stand out.
Hope everyone has a great Monday!

P.S.  I have listed 8 sets of mini bread boards in my Etsy Shop and 8 burlap bread board bags.  :)


  1. Soooo gorgeous! I just love your room, it is so *dreamy*....

    And I love what a special piece your table is...there is nothing better than something made by Dad.


  2. What a lovely room!! The color of the walls is perfect with the white - what paint color is it? and the painted bottles are gorgeous, too.


  3. This looks great! And how sweet that he put an engraved label on the table. :')

  4. What a great idea to paint the bottles different colors so they stand out a bit! I love that the table is special to you - that's one of the perks of having a vintage home: lots of the pieces have special stories!

  5. Okay seriously, you should add these to your shop. They are adorable!!! What a fun idea.

  6. The milk bottles look so good and to have that table from your dad is so so special.

    I wanted to let you know when I link to your etsy shop, only the bags are listed, not the boards. Now I have an order in already to you, but wanted you do know how it looks when I go to your shop Diana. This is Lin.

  7. Looks wonderful! I love the bottles ~ very creative with the letters and numbers. I know having something from your Dad is so special. I was not that fortunate after my dad passed away ~ my step-mother didn't give me anything plus tons of photos are gone. :-(

    Evidently all the bread boards are already sold! I'm happy for you but need a set of 4 at some hurry at all, will be a Christmas gift.


  8. Just discovered your blog, cannot wait to go and read more. What color do you have painted in the living room? I love it and all the white. Very fresh and beautiful!

  9. Thanks Debbie! All the paint colors in our home are listed under the FAQ tab at the top of the page. :)

  10. Thanks Pat! No worries, there will be more bread boards up next week! :)

  11. Again you knocked it out of the ballpark Diana........ love the chalkboard too. I can't wait to get my bread boards. I look forward to reading your blog. Your dad would be proud !!!!

  12. What a special memory to have from your dad! And to think that he added the tab! Love the chalkboard, too!
    Hope you are doing good!
    Love to you, friend!

  13. OK- this is like the 4th project I've pinned. I just love your ideas!

  14. Genius with the foam letters! I actually found you after googling "milk bottles painted", because I had just spray painted one myself, and your pic came up on images. I'm so glad I found you - you're a font of ideas! I will be a-followin' you!
    I'm considering putting some stripes on my bottle, but yours are so beautiful just white maybe I'll skip it...

  15. Totally going to check out your etsy shop too!

  16. I am totally in love with your home!!!! What paint colors are the ones in the dining room and in the kitchen? I have to paint my new house and I would love to use those!!!


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