Friday, July 29, 2011

Linen Tablecloths

Hello there!  It's Friday!  I ordered some beautiful linen fabric to make a tablecloth for my dining room table at a fantastic price and can't wait for it to arrive.  You can see the fabric I ordered here.  I love the look and feel of linen, it's feminine and flowy and dresses a table sumptuously.  It's also expensive, unless you can find a good deal and don't need a ton.  Since I only needed three yards, this was a great price.

I love these inspiration pics as I'm still not certain what kind of tablecloth I will sew.  Something like this one below is gorgeous.  I love the trim added to the end. 
Or this, it isn't linen, it's burlap, but I LOVE the number feature on the end, even though it was probably added to designate the table.  
And, oh my word, this one is wonderful.  Though, I don't think I could sew something like that, it sure is lovely.
So, I have a couple questions I'm curious about.  Do you use a tablecloth?  Do you keep it on your table at all times or do you only dress your table when you will be using it?  I'm kinda partial to keeping linens on the table so that I can enjoy and admire them all the time, but, I'm not a fan of keeping place settings on the table, as well, to get dusty, even though I think it looks beautiful, it isn't practical in our house.  How bout you?

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. oh Gosh! Your tablecloth is just beautiful! What kind of fabric did you add for the trim? I made a real linen tablecloth for one of those particle board round end tables and even though when I first made it, it just hit the floor, now it has seemed to "stretch" and "puddles" on the floor. Is that a characteristic of real linen?

  2. I agree Diana, those tablecloths are gorgeous and I love linen! I've never kept tablecloths on my table just because I don't have one pretty enough. Right now I'm loving the wood to take center stage on my kitchen (and dining room) table but if I had a pretty tablecloth I might be tempted to use it.

    I love keeping my table set but then it has to be moved (due to a certain male presence) each and every meal!


  3. Wow - the 1st one is so elegant, and the third one is so shabby chic! Love 'em both. Right now I have a runner on my kitchen table with wicker chargers (which I have had on the table for 2 years - LOVE. THEM!). On my dining room table, right now I have a tablecloth with a creamy burlap runner (ruffle at the end). Basically, I like the wood on my kitchen table to show, but don't like the dining room stain color (cherry). If I ever restain it (dark walnut), I will probably want to see some wood. Wow - I wrote an epistle! Linda

  4. I love linen table cloths and I wish I could keep one on my table at all times, but I have a long hair kitty that loves laying on the table. But he's my baby so I let him do almost anything :-).

  5. Great inspiration pics. I too love the first one with the banding.
    I like to have the tablecloth on when we are not using it, but I don't like having the table set either. I like to have a centerpiece on there in stead. Why should we prettify our tables just for special occassions? We should enjoy them everyday, right?

  6. Growing up, we never used a table cloth in my house because, really, it's a lot easier to wipe down a table than to wash the table cloth after each meal. But my grandmother always has a beautiful lace table cloth on her table with a centrepiece, usually of flowers. Not sure what I'll do yet, once we get our dining room set up.

    I love that last one too! You might be surprised... it's probably not as hard to make as it looks!

  7. I can appreciate and admire a beautiful table and LOVE tablecloths...I so enjoy my collection of white linen vintage tablecloths, but they only get pulled out for special things.
    It's not practical for us to have one on full time. Creates more laundry for this momma with 3 boys in sports, and 1yr. daughter who is a messy eater. ;) haha, and husband who works outside all day. Lots of projects, homework, and meals at our table, so it's easier to keep it off.

  8. I have some old linens that I use and leave on my tiny kitchen table, but I leave my dining table undressed unless I'm setting it for company. I like the look of the bare wood, but also, the second I put a tablecloth on, The Cat thinks I've made a bed especially for him. Then I just have a tablecloth covered in cat hair. Um, gross.

    Also, my kids eat breakfast and lunch at the table as well, and let's just say they aren't the neatest eaters in town. Somehow they manage to get food everywhere EXCEPT on their placemats. Go figure.

    I'm loving all things burlap lately and that outdoor tablecloth is so fun.

  9. Miss Kitty, although I would love to be able to make a tablecloth like that, those are just inspiration pics and not anything made by me! But thanks! I've never had a linen tablecloth before so I'm not sure if it should stretch and puddle on the floor over time. Sorry, wish I knew more about it's characteristics other than being beautiful. :)

  10. i keep a cloth on the table {usually} at all times; partly because i love my tablecloth choices and partly because i despise the wood underneath. wink. settings on a table? hm. no, not until the afternoon when i do some prep work for dinner.

    love your new tablecloth and the other images you shared too. beautiful!!

  11. Happy Friday Diana...beautiful pics. I love the ruffled one. If you made the couch can make anything!
    I keep a runner on the table most of the time and tablecloths more during colder warms the look of the table. Our table is used for everything, so a runner and vase of flowers are easily moved! We have to be practical with a house full of children! Happy Friday, friend!

  12. So pretty & yet so simple!
    No table cloth here. No place settings. No rug under the table either. Not that you asked, but we have to littles under 3 & that just isn't practical in our home either! I do keep a flower on the table at all times though. Can't totally nix pretty! ;)


  13. You are amazing!! I've just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE everything you are doing. Wow. You are such an inspiration. Did anyone teach you to do the building and sewing and stuff you do or are you self taught? I'm a HUGE beginner but want to learn. I'm just wondering if you've learned through trial and error or ?. Keep up the amazing work!!

    Martha Thomas

  14. I love having linens on the table and a centerpiece. Place settings up all the time would be beautiful, but not practical for me either. It's hard enough to keep my 18 month old from pulling plates and silverware off the table right before dinner! I love your inspiration pics and linen is my absolute favorite fabric! Can't wait to see what you do.

  15. Hi Martha, I am pretty much self taught but my dad was also a builder and I am inspired by him. He also taught himself. And I definitely learn my trial and error! Go for it! I think anyone can do it if you're passionate about it! :)

    Thanks for all the great comments everyone!

  16. Those tablecloths are gorgeous. The 1st one is so elegant, and the third one is so shabby chic. Well, this are great inspiration photographs.

  17. I'm enjoying reading your blog!! I have two tables that are not too far apart. One is in the breakfast nook and the other in the dining room. The DR table just has a centerpiece that changes on whim :^) The breakfast table always has a tablecloth, and I change it quite regularly. In my white kitchen, the tablecloth adds a real spark of color and I have a LOT of tablecloths!! Fortunately for me, any 60" fabric will work, so a cut or two to make a shape, and a little trim....I am good to go. is my choice of supplier too!!

  18. Just beautiful! I'm wondering if poor man's linen(you know, the painter's canvas drop cloths that so many are using to make curtains), might make a great tablecloth too!

  19. Hi Diana,
    I just love your way to make a dining tablecloth for your dining table. I saw your fabric material and it was really a good stuff that a perfect dining tablecloth should have.
    The final outlook of your tablecloths are really stunning.


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