Friday, July 22, 2011

Auction Find

My husband went to an auction at the beginning of the week and picked up a few things that he loved.  Here's one of them.
It's an old minnow bucket!  Fishing isn't one of my favorite things, but it's one of his, so, when he walked in with this, I LOVED it.  I loved seeing how excited he was about finding something for him.  My husband is a very thoughtful person and is always coming home with things for the kids or me, or the neighbors or our friends.  So this was pretty special.  And you can't help but love the bright happy colors and graphics.

I like it so much that I'm using it for my starting point for the rest of the space.  He also picked up a chippy green one, which is so cute, and believe me, I never thought I'd put the word cute and minnow bucket in the same sentence.  Here's the other side of the bucket.
How neat is that bright little red and white measuring guide across the bottom?!  I've only got one more thing to pick up for the room, so, hopefully, I will get to put everything together for him this weekend and blog about it next week!  I know he can't wait!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm sure it will be wonderful room! That is so sweet that you are making it personal for your husband, and that it will be surrounded with things that HE loves. I don't fish either, but I like that bucket!

  2. Hi Diana..
    Just popped over from Traci's place..
    she and the boys are out yard saling..
    she was right..
    your blog is delightful..
    and your home is beautiful!!
    I've decided to follow along ..
    pop over to my place and visit!
    sure wish I had some of those scrumptious peaches!!!
    ps..please turn off the word verification..
    drives folks nuts!

  3. I'm totally in LOVE - I've been on the hunt for a bail bucket too - doesn't it just scream vintage cool??!!

    Can't wait to see it in place!

  4. Oh, I love it! And it is "cute"!

  5. That is SO cool! My husband once came home with a radio and huge speakers that looked like they were made in the 1950's. He was so excited though... so I know what you mean! :)

  6. Very cool! I'm stopping by from Traci's Beneath My Heart and I'm now following.

  7. Popped over from beneath my heart. Love your blog. I have actually been here before. I think you posted on a linky party somewhere and I surfed over to see your kitchen island and I loved it! Loved it so much that I bookmarked it. By the way, love the RH knockoff shelving unit you made for your hubby. I love that you used RH for inspiration, but made it your own. Very cool.

  8. Neat find! I can't wait to see the room...I don't fish either but the minnow bucket is great! I'm your newest follower, loved going thur your older posts!

  9. I just love the idea behind the bucket!!! The room is going to be amazing I'm sure!!!! This is actually the first time I have browsed your blog!!!! Rest assured.... it will NOT be the last!!! I am in love with your beautiful cottage.... so inviting !! (you are one talented chick ... thanks Rhoda for introducing me to Diana!!!) :) Terri

  10. I'm a very new follower and I just can not WAIT to see the den!!!! Love your style and love the projects you've shared. That minnow bucket is awesome, my hubby would be so jealous!!

  11. Came over from Traci's. I love your blog, except now I am lusting after barn wood! You have done some amazing things and you make it seem so doggone easy.

  12. Just found your blog and I know that I will be back often! You have great ideas and finds! :)

  13. Hi, I've just come over from Beneath my Heart, she recommended you and oh boy was she right. You have a wonderful blog, I love your natural abilities to create, your have a go attitude and your blog is so welcoming. Thank you for sharing, it's been wonderful visiting you :o)

    Peg x

  14. Oh my goodness I love it. I gave my Dad one similar to this for Father's day! Your husband definitely scored. Well done. PS - I love your blog. xo


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