Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Chair

Hi!  Just a quick post to show you the cool chair my hubby bought for me that has had me busy building a writing desk to accessorize!  Nothing fancy, just a simple, pretty place to sit and write or blog that I'm constructing out of wood that we already had.  I just love this chair......
Everything about it is gorgeous.......
The caned seat is probably my favorite part.  It's a great detail.  Love it......
I also love the three spindles/stretchers joining each leg on the three sides underneath.  Usually there are just one or two, but three is eye catching.
And the carved detail work on the back is lovely.  Plus, it is in fantastic shape!
It's just a beautiful chair!  Has anyone seen one before?  Can't wait to put it with it's new desk and post pics.....

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. You certainly have a husband on the lookout for things for you! I'm looking for chairs similar to your pretty chair for our tiny dining area, except that I am looking for more of a golden oak. Yes, that probably seems a little out-of-date in this painted furniture world, but I still love the warm glow of woods!

  2. I agree Diana, it is a beautiful & unusual chair. BTW, your porch is one of my all time favorites!


  3. WOW! I can´t believe it, we used to have those chairs in our Sunday School main hall here in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were used and abused by children and adults on classes, social occasions, theatre plays, etc etc. They were sturdy and resisted the tear and wear with proud elegance.

  4. Thanks Judy and Linden Townhouse!

    IAMSNOWFLAKE, that is so cool!!

  5. The chair is lovely and unusual. I agree that woods are still great. I have so many wood pieces in my home too. I also love painted furniture mixed with the "glow" of wood. Thanks for sharing your awesome chair!

  6. This reminds me of my Grandma's rocking chair back in the Philippines. It has the same style on the seat like it was made out of rattan or something. It looks just like that instead it was a rocking chair. I love your blog!

    Adin B


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