Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Front and Side Porch Redo

I happen to love decorating based on the season and our favorite seasons around here are, without a doubt, spring and summer. So, it was definitely time to give the front and side porches a makeover because of all the outdoor living we enjoy in the summer months. And after uncooperative weather, jumping off the porch, missing and ending up on crutches, it's finally finished! Let's take a look.....

Ahhhh, color! I love it when the earth starts waking up again.

Here is our favorite corner of the porch. There is nothing like relaxing on the porch swing with the people I love. I ordered all the fabrics for the pillows here and made them myself. Notice my fun thift store table here in front of the porch swing. Love it!

Another view...lots of shadows here, it was very sunny!

I scraped the old paint off the porch and repainted with an oil based porch paint called Brownstone, purchased at Lowe's. It looked like a can of melted chocolate and was very distracting, yum! I love the glossy shine it gives the porch. I also thought it would contrast nicely with the lighter colors of the house and shutters, which I also repainted a creamy white.

I made the "beach" sign with weathered wood my hubby found in an old barn and light aqua paint I already had. The old oars were also found by hubby in the same barn and the hanging mason jar candle holders were purchased at Pottery Barn last summer. I love the beachy, comfy feel it all gives the front porch.

Moving on to other side of the porch....After seeing these numbered pillows in a Pottery Barn catalog, I decided to make them myself by printing the numbers off the computer, creating a stencil with freezer paper and painting the numbers on the fabric. Fun and free! I adore these pillows! You just can't have too many of them when cuddling up with your hubby or kiddos on a relaxing spring or summer evening.

Next up, the side porch.....looking at this porch makes me so happy!

The floor was the same boring color as the front porch so I scraped, sanded and removed most of the paint. I wanted to do something fun here so I decided on stripes. What is more fun than that?! First, I painted the entire porch with plain white porch paint purchased at Lowes. Then, after it completely dried, marked off three planks at a time with painter's tape and painted each alternating group of planks with Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan that I already had. To protect it, I put several coats of non-yellowing floor polyurethane. We love it! Something fun and unexpected for a porch!

I've always wanted porch curtains, to add a touch of romance and breeziness to a porch, so, I finally decided to go for it and make a pair. I purchased my usual inexpensive fabric, painter's canvas drop cloth at Lowe's, and sewed a couple of panels, inserted jute rope through the rod pocket and hung on the inside of the porch and tied back with more jute rope. Just a little something special for the corner of the porch. The glider was another found object by my hubby that looked like this when he brought it home

And after some heavy duty sanding with steel wool and a few coats of this... was as good as new, maybe even better. :)

Working on both of these porches has been a lot of fun and the best part was that I hardly spent any money doing it! I think they both turned out lovely and all the hard work has made spending time on the porch with my family much more cozy and comfortable. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much I enjoyed making over the space! Thanks for looking, have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow! You have been so busy and I think you have found your niche here with decorating and refurbishing. The colors you chose for your porch pillow are divine and really add a springtime splash of color. I can almost feel the summer breeze while sitting on your porch swing. Awesome ideas, my friend. Gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful!!! Love it! I think I need a tour of your house the next time I make it to NWA.

  3. Anytime, Lois! Happy to give you a tour!

  4. Diana! I am so going to need your help when we build our house...need your color and design expertise.

    I wish you would come to my little Gentry house and give me your thoughts on my back porch. :-)

  5. I would kill for a cute porch...and you've got two!!! I love what you did with them; so pretty!!

  6. Found you from Layla . You are very talented and I am swooning over the porches !!!! I will be checking in with you quite often :)

  7. Hi Layla,
    I really enjoyed this post about your porch. My hubby and I have a site all about front porch ideas and we would enjoy featuring your porch on our site. We have lots of porch lovers visiting our site every day and I know they would enjoy what you have done here. If you are interested, please let me know at our contact page - and thank you!

  8. Diana, so sorry I said Layla in my previous comment....I was reading the comment above this. My apologies!

  9. Wow! You are creative and handy!!!! The porches look wonderful, but I especially like the stripes on the side porch! Great idea....My back deck needs some painting...maybe stripes! The glider is fantastic...where does your husband find these treasures, and how did you train him to have such a great eye! My husband would drive on by! I'm so glad I found your blog via Lyla!


  10. Love the stripe floors...cuteness!

  11. Do you have a 'how to tutorial' on making the stencil numbers from freezer paper (what is that?) for the pillows. Would love to do on front porch and use my address numbers:) Thank you!

  12. What kinds of bushes are those in front of your side porch? I have a farmer's porch and I have been on the lookout for some type of plant for around the outside of it. I really love the look of those!

  13. I love your blog, your home, your DIY ideas - so inspiring! My little home in Indiana is all gray/black and white colors, is also beach themed, as well as NY themed! When I found your blog I couldn't beleive it - I have already printed off pics for inspiration and plan on doing the DIY palette storage bench with my mom. THANKS!

    One question - what colors is the outside of your home painted? I love all the shades of gray and tan inside, but couldn't find where you posted what color/brand the outside siding was painted, and did you DIY?

    Thanks, and look forward to more posts!!

  14. Hi Katie, thank you so much! The paint on the outside of our house is called Sandy Hook Gray and it's by Benjamin Moore. The trim on the house is ultra white by Valspar. Send me a pic of your bench project! I'd love to see it!

  15. Hi just dropped in and seen your porch. How awesome is that. Nothing better than a porch and your porch says come join me awhile. Really love it.
    I am new to blogging, Newbie here, come and see me at my blog and drop a note if you get a chance.


  16. Ohhhh I have to go to Pottery Barn, those numbered cushions are the best thing I've seen all week! Well, this post was last year, they probably don't sell them any more (do they??) but maybe someone on Etsy has made something similar...



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