Bread Boards

It's no secret that I have a huge love for bread boards.  And anyone that reads my blog has come to know how much love, respect and admiration I had for my dad.  My dad loved to cook, as well as, wood work and he would often share his creations with me.  I often told him of my love for bread/cutting boards and how I couldn't find just the right one or if I did, it was too expensive.  He simply said, "why don't you try making them?"  So, I did.  He died before he ever got to see them.

I loved to visit my dad every weekend and watch him build furniture in the garage.  I would run over on fall mornings and there dad would be, in his flannel jacket, working on one of his wood projects, taking such care in each detail.  I learned a lot by watching him and asking questions.  It was definitely when we would have some of our best talks.  Those are memories that I hold dear.

Several years after he passed away, I thought about making those bread boards again and remembered how much confidence he had in me.  So, one Christmas, I decided to make one for each of my friends as a gift.  I thought it was the perfect way to honor his memory and the wonderful things he taught me.  The top bread board in the photo below is the first bread board I made for each of my friends. 
After I became confident making them, I decided to start designing my own and thought it would be extra special to make a mini bread board for each person at the dinner table which turned into my mini bread board sets.  Family dinners were very important to my dad, so I thought these would be something he would really love and my way of honoring him.  And something that my own children would love and appreciate because of the story behind them.