Friday, September 7, 2012

Beautiful Vintage Coffee Grinder and More

Happy Friday!  I don't know about you but I'm so ready for the weekend.  
Today I wanted to blog about a few cool pieces my hubby 
picked up at an auction last weekend. 
The first is this amazing 100 year old Hobart industrial coffee grinder.

This thing weighs around 90 pounds!  And the best thing is that it works perfectly.  
I had asked my hubby to keep an eye out for a cool vintage coffee grinder for our shop because we are wanting to have coffee available to our customers and I thought it would be really fun to freshly grind the beans in a vintage mill.  
Then he came home with this beauty and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to give it up.  :)

I love the lines.....

Another piece he brought home is this steamer trunk.

We've always wanted one and he loved this one.  It needs a few minor repairs 
but I can't wait to find a special place for it.

And he also found these vintage wool Navy blankets.  They are so soft, believe it or not.  I'm not usually a fan of wool but I love these.  

I also wanted to share with you a new member of our family.

I'm the first to admit, I'm not a cat person, never have been.  But a couple of weeks ago, when I went to open the blinds in the kitchen one morning, 
this was what I saw on the table outside.

He seemed to be a stray and without a family and had made himself quite at home in my little toolbox.  He was so sweet and we all immediately fell in love with him.  I don't know much about cats but he is so lovable and really loves attention.  
He crawls up in our laps whenever we sit down.

And whenever I'm outside working on a project, I look down 
and this is what I see every time....

Those sweet green eyes looking up at me. 
He lays at my feet no matter what I'm doing.
He has stolen our hearts, already.
And he loves to play for the camera.

Silly cat....  :)
We've never had pets (except an outdoor rabbit)
because our kids always had allergies when they were younger. 
Now that they've grown out of them, we've decided to adopt this little guy 
and they are so happy.
How can you not fall in love with that face?

Have a great weekend!



  1. Your new cat is a tortie (Tortoiseshell cat) I have had many, many cats and would advise you to get your cat fixed. Also using flea drops is beneficial.

  2. Great finds! The coffee grinder will be a great addition to your shop, which I can't wait to see! The furry finds (blankets and cat) are fun, too.

  3. Love your new addition (the cat is who I'm referring to, but also your auction finds)! We too inherited a cat this summer- they bring a whole new quality to life :)

  4. LOVE the navy blankets. my husband is in the navy and i've been looking at them on ebay on and off for years. GREAT find!!

  5. Diana, I am a cat person and am so glad you took in this kitty. Your kitty is not a "he" but a "she"--the person above who said the cat is a tortie is right, and that is a sex-linked trait in cats--they're virtually all girls. Get her spayed quickly so she doesn't surprise you with kittens--cats can get pregnant at six months and even earlier. Best wishes on your new addition--and the coffee grinder is gorgeous!

  6. Oh Diana, I (as a CAT PERSON) can tell you that he has chosen you :) So cute and vintage-looking, heh. And I do love the grinder. ♥ With all the respect for the clients, being in your shoes, I would never ever let it go!

  7. LOVE the coffee grinder and the beautiful kitty! Yes, I agree with the commenters above--calicos and torties are always female--it's a genetic thing! I've had cats all my life and they are wonderful, clean, affectionate pets. The "aloof" description doesn't apply to most cats I've known. They love their people who treat them well. And please DO get her spayed--there are so many animals without homes. Thanks for having mercy and taking her in! Sounds like she chose you!

  8. That's an awesome grinder! And the fact it had the lid and finial is even cooler!

  9. Diana,
    I would keep that coffee grinder too! I have never seen one like that!Cool finds too!And what a sweet cat.We love both dogs and cats.But cats fit into our lifestyle better.We have a sweet cat too!They are great company!Did you name him/her yet?What a beautiful coat and seems to love the camera too!

  10. Love ALL the photos! I've fallen deeply in love with your home! I agree that "he" is probably a "she" - You will not find a friendlier, loyal cat than a tortie. We had one that looked just like her and was our shadow. :) Enjoy your new auction finds and you new family member!

  11. Love your finds, love your shelves (!!!), love your kitchen. Gorgeous!

    ps that is the way those homeless little kittens worm their way into your heart and your home... all lovely dovey sweetness until you can't say no! I've adopted two kittens in just that way. Enjoy your new kitten, you're hooked now! lol


  12. That is one smart cat....he Knew that you couldn't NOT fall in love with him looking so sweet and innocent...yep, you were a gonner for sure!! (from one who is one!!

  13. I had a tortie once - she was one of the sweetest cats I've ever had and I still miss her so much! I second the recommendation to get her fixed. Because torties are all girls, and they are so gosh darned pretty that - really - what male cat could resist her charms? ;)

  14. I know that I'd be hard pressed to give up that coffee grinder as well. It is beautiful.

    Cats complete a home. I have always thought that.

  15. Beautiful kitty! And great finds. Lucky you.

  16. Thank you so much for the cat info everyone! Glad to know she is a female. Have already made the appointment to get her fixed. Definitely don't want little kittens as I would have trouble giving those up, too. I must be hooked! :)

  17. Your husband has a great eye...wonderful goodies! The coffee grinder is gorgeous and it would be great to use! Love your new kitty!

  18. Your cat is definitely your best find yet ;-) He's gorgeous. x

  19. Great finds! Good luck with your new cat, she is adorable. The photo of her in the tool box is precious.

  20. I am so excited that you have a cat! Thats the best find ever-HA! Whats the name of this new family member-she is adorable! Oh the coffee grinder is neat but my favorite thing is the cat of course!

  21. And my favorite thing is the coffee grinder! :) I'm not a cat person at fact, I'm scared to death of them! Long story from my childhood. :/ I'm also allergic big time. He looks so sweet and to be affectionate is a real plus. I'm sure the kids are having a blast!

    Not sure I could let the coffee grinder go either. I'm loving that trunk!! The blankets are wonderful...has anyone in your families served in the Navy?

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Cool in that lovely coffee grinder! Rescues make the best pets...Just added a second Golden to our family last week. Your kitty will be a great addition to your blog photos!

  23. I just found your site, while searching google for ways to turn old wooden pallets into a murphy bed. Anyways it brought me to your DIY rustic kitchen island post. Your blog is wonderful, and I cant wait to read through it and get further inspiration! Your new cat looks adorable, I hope he brings you great joy. Once you go cat you never go back!

  24. I love the grinder....I want one! Your sweet kitty's coat reminds me of a black distressed piece of furniture :)

  25. That grinder is amazing!!! Your hubby did a great job with that find! Thank you for such an inspirational blog. My hubby and I constantly reference your blog and lovely images whenever we start a new home project. We love it that much.


  26. WE fell in love with that face too!! And we aren't cat people either - we've had our kitty for 4 months now (my son's birthday present - he's always wanted a cat - GO FIGURE!!!)...we have the SAME exact cat - a torte! She is very lovable and affectionate too!!

  27. I had a cat just like that in college until someone poisoned her with antifreeze. I thought I'd share some info I learned from my cat you may find interesting. Calico or tortoise colored cats like yours are almost always female. That info might come in handy if you suddenly notice her getting "fat". She looks like she'll be a great new friend!

  28. Oh...he's beautiful. I've just discovered your blog and I've enjoyed looking at your "DIY" projects.

  29. oh! I cannot tell you how much I LOVE your chunky shelves! And now... that grinder, steamer trunk, and blankets... aww! Pure jealousy!!!!!!! Congrats on the scores! they are an awesome addition to the home!

  30. My best companions have been my kitties. My. 14 yr old cat passed away last month and I miss her terribly. There was never a sweeter girl than her :-). I may be biased a bit,,,,but she was special. I wish you many years with your pretty little friend!

  31. Hi Diane,

    I just stumbled upon your Vintage blog and I think it's wonderful!

    There's just one thing: that lovely little cat of yours is definitely a little lady! Because tortoiseshell males are very, very rare indeed, because of their genetics. I won't bore you with those, but your cat is definitely female! And very lovely indeed! I hope you are as happy with her as she is with you - otherwise she wouldn't have chosen you! It would be a good idea to have her spayed and generally checked over by a vet - they may have an idea of her age as well, which might be helpful - for your own peace of mind as well as the cat's best interest. Also, if you've never had a cat before, they will be able to tell you something about their general husbandry. It's nothing difficult or complicated, but there are things you need to look out for - fleas, ticks, worms... But most of all, enjoy her company - cats are wonderful friends!

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful blog and home with us!



  32. LOVE the shelves and LOVE the kitty! So so sweet!

  33. Hey! LOVE the rustic shelves in your kitchen. It looks like it might not be overly complicated to make except that I don't even know how to hold a hammer in my hand. Where would you find wood like that and how would you give it that worn look? (I live in Australia so we wouldn't have what American stores carry) :(


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