Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vintage Home Favorites - A New Feature

Hey friends!

I'm starting up a fun little feature here on Our Vintage Home Love!  This feature will consist of things that we love, that could be anything we think you'll love, too, that will make you smile, make your life easier, mundane tasks more enjoyable, or a recipe that we are crazy about and would like to share.  I will blog about these things every other Friday and I'm really looking forward to it, cause when I find something I love, nothing makes me happier than telling everyone else about it so they can, perhaps, enjoy it, too!

To kick off this feature, I want to blog about something that I just bought that I am crazy about!  Sasha, over at Lemonade Makin' Mama, makes and sells these adorable Wine and Cheese bags in her Etsy Shop and I just had to buy one after I saw them on her blog.  I just love her blog.  She is a tremendous inspiration to me and she takes the most beautiful photos, not to mention how incredibly talented she is.  Well, when mine came in the mail, I jumped for joy when I opened the package.  It is so adorable!
I just love it so much!  The lining is bright and cheerful and makes me so happy just looking at it!
I use a lot of wine in my cooking and I also LOVE cheese, probably more than what is considered normal, and so I will use this a lot when I visit the liquor store.  I don't know about you but I love to have something special like this to make very mundane activities a little more fun.  I don't necessarily like to go to the liquor store but being able to take this adorable and stylish bag and use it, will definitely make it more enjoyable and I love that.   And of course, I'm looking forward to taking it to the Farmer's Market. 
The bag easily holds 3 bottles of wine with room to spare.  And I can't stop looking at that cheerful lining on the inside!  This bag would also be so much fun to fill with goodies for a wonderful fall picnic with your family or friends.  I love it so much that I'm actually spiffing up my laundry room, that's right off the kitchen, where it will hang and look so lovely.

You can order a bag for yourself by clicking here!  I also ordered her EAT napkins because I found the perfect little vintage basket for cloth napkins at a flea market for a quarter!!  I can't wait!  Sasha makes beautiful things so make sure you check out the rest of her shop, too!!

Have a great weekend everyone!  The winner of the mini bread board set will be randomly selected and announced tomorrow so check back!


  1. I love her blog. I want the Mr. and Mrs. pillow cases. She is talented...and so are YOU! Love both of your blogs!


  2. Looking forward to the new feature-love her blog too!

  3. What a fun new ditty to look forward to! Happy happy Friday!

  4. Thank YOU so much you sweet girl!!! What a precious post... totally made my day. (I was gone all day and just got home to check blogs and emails and this totally made me smile!!)



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