Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day & Bread Boards

Hey friends!  Happy Labor Day to you!

What's everyone been up to on this holiday weekend?  We had a major change in weather and it was just beautiful outside.  Made me ready for fall, that's for sure.  We worked in our back yard to prepare for a movie themed Halloween Party we're having.  All the details on that later!

Hope everyone continues to enjoy the holiday weekend!  More bread boards are listed!  Click here to order!  And thank you so much!! :)


  1. Drat! I got the date wrong and now all of your bread boards have been sold. I love them!

  2. What beautiful work you do and what a beautiful home you have decorated. You can look at your pictures of your home and see how much love and care you have put into each and every one of your projects.


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