Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Project and Yes, More Bread Boards

Happy Monday everyone!  I worked on a fun little project this weekend.  Last weekend when we scored the gorgeous sideboard for our dining room, we also picked up this cute table.
I am a sucker for tables and can hardly ever turn my back on them.  It needed a few minor repairs and a fresh coat of paint, as well as, a fresh coat of polyurethane on the top.  Here's how it looks now.
 I love it!  Don't worry, it isn't staying in the dining room.  It will be the perfect sewing table for making my burlap bread board bags.  Currently, I sew on the floor.  Not much fun but my sewing machine was my grandmothers and doesn't have a very long cord so I can't use the dining room table.  I'm moving it into a little corner in our bedroom where I work on projects.  Stay tuned for that project reveal soon!

I also worked on a table my dad built for me that I hadn't had a chance to work on yet.  It is going in my dining room.  It's one of my favorite pieces that he built for me because he had his name engraved underneath it.  Stay tuned for that one, too.

And last but not least....I've got more sets of bread boards listed in my Etsy shop!

Have a great day friends! :)


  1. Yay !........I finally got my mini boards. Can't wait to get them !!! I will wait to get the burlap bag when I order another set for a gift !

  2. what a darling table Diana. I love the contrast of the dark stained top with the white painted body.

    After seeing the way you set you dining room table with the old coke crate and put your breadboards in it, I lucked out yesterday at a flea market and found a similar one to use on our kitchen table...i'll send you a photo soon...hope you don't mind that I copied your idea! You have such good ones.

    Off to see The Help!


  3. Man!! I never catch the bread boards before they are sold out!! I love the numbers on them!

  4. Well look at your go with your creative little self! Loving it!

  5. Good gracious girly, your bread boards are hot cakes! :) I am so proud of you! Keep it up!

  6. The table was kicked it up a notch!

  7. LOVE the table - great job! I just discovered your blog and added it to my blog list!

  8. can't wait to order some bread boards near the the bags!
    another quick question: the black numbers on the bottom shelf of your bookshelf in the living room...i was wondering if you made them or found them somewhere. I was thinking of doing our anniversary day but didn't know where to start.
    thanks again for all you ideas and for sharing your talent.

  9. Lanae, those numbers are actually from an old gas station! Thank you for your sweet comments! I will have more bread boards on Monday! :)

  10. What a great job..Beautiful..I bet it will get a lot of use..

  11. I really like this table. I have a small end table made out of pine that is badly beat up. I would love to copy and stain the top and paint the legs. So cottage cozy.


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