Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've been feeling so nostalgic lately and when I came across this photo and caption from Paula Deen's Facebook page, it touched my heart and made me wonder about what types of things around YOUR home come from the past, that you hold dear to you heart.

For me, scents stir up all kinds of nostalgic feelings.  One of the reasons I love to make things from wood is because of the smell of it.  The scent of wood instantly conjures up wonderful memories of my dad building something in his garage.  On Saturdays, after I was already married with kids, I would run over to my parents house on gorgeous fall mornings and sit in the garage and have great talks with my dad as he worked on his wood furniture.  The air was always crisp, there were beautiful leaves on the ground, and my dad always had on his flannel shirt. 

The scent wafting through the air of the wood he was cutting and smell of sawdust were such a wonderful sense of security for me.  Those memories are precious to me now as it never occurred to me that he would be gone one day.  I can't walk into home building supply stores without being taken aback by the memories that come to mind simply from the smell of the store.  This photo is of my dad taking me and my younger siblings for a wagon ride with our new puppy. 
I have several pieces of furniture that my dad built for me and they are treasured items.  My bread boards were inspired by my dad.  He loved to cook and he loved big family dinners.  He would create the best recipes out of thin air and they were scrumptious.   I couldn't think of a better way to honor my dad than by designing and creating my bread boards.  To me, they embody love and family and when I'm working on them, my dad is smiling.

I'd love to hear about what makes you nostalgic or special things in your home that conjure up happy memories from days gone by....


  1. Did you send this post to Paula? Sounds like a story she would love. I love cooking with my Grandma's things...her wooden rolling pins, bowls, and pink depression glassware. All of it reminds me of her.

  2. My Dad also does woodwork...I have a cradle, cedar chest, stool, shelves and some other things that he has built for me. That sawdust smell takes my mind right to him as well. I have a tuning pipe that was my Grandpa's (he could play anything), and some hankies and fabric that I've framed that were my Grandma's. I am all about nostalgia...I can't throw anything away if it is linked to something in my memory. I love to display things like always brings up a story. =)

  3. Annie, I wish I had some of my grandma's cooking utensils. I do have some of her recipes. I have some pink depression glass, too, and I love it. :)

    Emily, I love your comment! :)

  4. Certain smells get me every time as well. Isn't it amazing how they can take you back to a certain time/place?!

  5. We have a whole wall of old photos of parents and grandparents. That and an old smoking table that still smells like pipe tobacco.

  6. I so agree with you ~ such treasured memories are stored in the cells of our bodies. My mother, all of her sisters and my grandmother were fabulous cooks. I have several handwritten recipes that I just love! I'm thinking of framing some of them rather than having them hidden and cannot be seen easily. Sheets that have been hung outside on a clothes line bring back fond memories of my childhood...and there were really no washing machines or dryers...just a "washateria" as they were called. I hated having to help but loved going to bed with those sheets that had been dried in the sun. My step-dad smoked cigars and when I happen to smell that scent while out in public, it makes me smile.

    Thanks so much for these reminders!

  7. I always remember my grandpa working on something. After he passed, the only thing I wanted was a few of his tools! I use them from time to time and have them in an old wooden tool box on display in my living room.

  8. My mother loved to garden & cook also. I have some garden tools and every time I see or use them it reminds me of her. She made a potato salad that everyone loved and always put in a yellow bowl. Since my niece is trying to duplicate her recipe I thought I would give her the bowl that was given to me...... she was delighted !!!!

  9. Brockey, what a sweet gesture! I love hearing everyone's stories!

  10. Thanks Diana, FYI your story brought tears to my
    eyes ! I hope you pass on the love & smell of wood to your children :)


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